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Spalted Floor Standing Lamp

Spalted Floor Standing Lamp

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What began as an experimental materials research project led to a beautiful discovery. The Spalted Floor lamp's textured surface is produced using hundreds of hand-planed ribbons of wood, which are then backed with cotton. The result is a flexible, translucent sheet which emits a luscious warmth when backlit.

Spalted beech is a poetic material which speaks of the cyclical nature of life. When a tree comes to the end of its time, and it's trunk left to lay on the earth, nature begins to digest it. Over several years many fungi explore the grain, each species claiming its habitat in the wood. This process, known as spalting, is what creates the captivating patchwork of black lines, all of which trace the boundaries between the individual fungus organisms. Eventually, if left for long enough, the fallen beech would be consumed entirely by the fungi and recycled back into the ground.

This lamp captures a snapshot of nature in action.


Base and trim made from oak. Diffuser made from spalted Scottish beech.


This product is made to order, please allow 10-16 weeks lead time.


Cleaning instructions

The base and trim are finished in premium spill and stain-resistant oil and can be wiped clean with a cloth and warm water. The diffuser has a slightly rough texture and is best dusted with a synthetic or feather duster. 

Material sourcing

As always, responsible material sourcing is key to my working practice; the wood used to make this piece comes from a tree grown local to my workshop and felled as part of a native woodland regeneration project.


Diameter 280mm, height 1350mm.

Bespoke options

The spalted floor standing lamp can be made to bespoke sizes. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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