My work is inspired by good people.

I believe design can embody human virtues, and my work is influenced by people I admire. It is characterised by humility, curiosity, quiet confidence and conviction.

Through my work I explore our emotional connection to the domestic objects that surround us.


With a background in spatial design, my process prioritises context; objects exist in relation to their surroundings. Key to my approach is to envisage how my work will integrate into a range of interior styles.

Thoughts on modern craft

Concerns around culture, environment, society and economy are reinvigorating craft’s relevance in modern times; longevity and local production becoming essential considerations. I believe it’s the responsibility of modern craftspeople to develop new techniques, push material capabilities, question accepted norms and position modern craft as the leading authority on the future of design.


My work is realised through traditional craft methods, computer aided design and experimental processes. All pieces are produced by myself in my Glasgow studio or in collaboration with other local artisans and fabricators.

Studio output


A concise collection of designs available to order. Many designs can be customised in a variety of materials and finishes to complement any interior.


I work alongside interior designers and product specifiers to develop bespoke pieces and collections. Read more here: