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Slab - Trivet in light oak

Slab - Trivet in light oak

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A simple, circular slab of pale oak to present your culinary dishes.

In addition to its textural aesthetic, Slab's fluted top surface allows airflow between itself and your dish, ensuring your table is protected from high temperatures. 

The wood is left in its raw state as protective finishes are not suited to intense heat exposure. Over time and through contact with hot cookware, the raised ridges will darken and create a delicate contrast to the pale oak timber.

As always, responsible material sourcing is key to my working practice; the wood used to make this piece comes from a tree grown local to my workshop and felled as part of a native woodland regeneration project.

Dimensions: Diameter 300mm, thickness 30mm.

Oak is a material with natural variation, and although similar, your trivet may have grain detail different to the ones pictured.

Cleaning instructions: As the piece is sold unfinished, spills may stain the wood. The Slab trivet is supposed to be a workhorse of the kitchen, so scuffs and marks should be embraced. If a clean surface is desired, the textured surface can be re-sanded using sandpaper wrapped around a pencil, which will expose fresh clean wood underneath.

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