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Rigate - Fresh pasta board in Oak

Rigate - Fresh pasta board in Oak

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For hand-crafting many types of fresh pasta including cavatelli rigate and garganelli.

The Rigate board has an intricate linear surface texture, imparting generous sauce-holding grooves to your fresh pasta. Each groove is routed by hand to give the surface texture a slightly irregular charm.

The direction of the grooves are opposed on either side of the board catering for convenient left and right-handed use, and the large circular hole at the top allows for practical hanging storage.

Housed within the body of the board is a miniature oak rolling pin. The pin can be used separately for rolling out small sheets or in conjunction with the board for creating tubular pasta shapes such as garganelli.

Once produced, each board is carefully brushed with a soft brass brush and then sanded to give a smooth, dough-friendly surface.

Oak is a material with natural variation, and although similar, your boards may have grain detail different to the ones pictured.

Dimensions: height 202mm, width 87mm, thickness 20mm

Cleaning instructions: Immediately after use, the board can be brushed with a clean, firm-bristled toothbrush.

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